2022 returns through 1/26/22: C Fund -8.54%; TSP Timing Election Cycle System -7.94%


I am an engineer by degree (B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Washington State University, Go Cougs!) and retired at the end of 2018.  I worked as a nuclear then an environmental engineer for over 35 years, mostly in the Federal government.  I began investing since 1984, when I opened an IRA with Vanguard, and then began actively trading stocks and ETFs at the peak of the dot-com bubble in 1999.  Following about ten years of limited success trading, and less than stellar returns in my Thrift Savings Plan account, I decided to do something about it.  My TSP investing had no consistent plan, and mistakes included over-trading in reaction to news events and based on recommendations of over two dozen gurus I have subscribed to over the years, who more often than not are wrong.

After much research, in 2008 I turned to the seasonal strategies.  Being a do-it-yourself person, I developed my own seasonal strategy, one that included a number of enhancements to make it better, and one that uses daily market data covering over 30 years of data rather than just monthly data.  Initially I developed the strategies to boost my own return, but later realized that this could also benefit anyone with a TSP account.  So in 2015 I decided to develop my strategies into a fun retirement hobby for me.  In 2016 I polished up the spreadsheet and the explanatory Manual, and beginning in July 2016 I made it available online for anyone with a TSP account to use.  In December 2016 I added ETFTiming.com, which extends the strategies to ETFs which mimic the TSP funds, and which allows shorting of the stock market with inverse ETFs in order to make money during bear markets.  I discontinued ETFTiming.com in 2019 due to the amount of work, but I plan to eventually bring it back.  My hope is that my efforts will benefit your investment returns as they are my own.   If you like it, please tell a friend!

Steve, at tsptiming.com