Cumulative returns from 8/31/20 through 8/31/22: C Fund +16.41%; TSP Timing Annual System +10.07%; TSP Timing Election Cycle System -0.42%; 2022 YTD returns through 9/7/22: C fund -15.59%; TSP Timing Annual System -19.08%; TSP Timing Election Cycle System -30.24%


I am an engineer by degree (B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Washington State University, Go Cougs!) and retired at the end of 2018.  I worked as a nuclear then an environmental engineer for over 35 years, mostly in the Federal government.  I began investing since 1984, when I opened an IRA with Vanguard, and then began actively trading stocks and ETFs at the peak of the dot-com bubble in 1999.  Following about ten years of limited success trading, and less than stellar returns in my Thrift Savings Plan account, I decided to do something about it.  My TSP investing had no consistent plan, and mistakes included over-trading in reaction to news events and based on recommendations of over two dozen gurus I have subscribed to over the years, who more often than not are wrong.

After much research, in 2008 I turned to the seasonal strategies.  Being a do-it-yourself person, I developed my own seasonal strategy, one that included a number of enhancements to make it better, and one that uses daily market data covering over 30 years of data rather than just monthly data.  Initially I developed the strategies to boost my own return, but later realized that this could also benefit anyone with a TSP account.  So in 2015 I decided to develop my strategies into a fun retirement hobby for me.  In 2016 I polished up the spreadsheet and the explanatory Manual, and beginning in July 2016 I made it available online for anyone with a TSP account to use.  In December 2016 I added, which extends the strategies to ETFs which mimic the TSP funds, and which allows shorting of the stock market with inverse ETFs in order to make money during bear markets.  I discontinued in 2019 due to the amount of work, but I plan to eventually bring it back.  My hope is that my efforts will benefit your investment returns as they are my own.   If you like it, please tell a friend!

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