Cumulative returns from 8/31/20 through 8/31/22: C Fund +16.41%; TSP Timing Annual System +10.07%; TSP Timing Election Cycle System -0.42%; 2022 YTD returns through 9/7/22: C fund -15.59%; TSP Timing Annual System -19.08%; TSP Timing Election Cycle System -30.24%


Privacy Policy:

TSP Timing is committed to protecting your privacy, understanding that you want to keep your information private, safe and discrete.  Customer’s names, e-mails and address information are strictly confidential and will never be sold or shared with anyone.  Information collected at the time of purchase (your name and email address, and your state of residence which I need for state tax purposes) are only maintained for tax records and so that the information can be used in the future in order to verify you as a past customer in order to receive future discounts.  All information is kept in a password-protected and encrypted file.

Refund Policy:

Due to the nature of the products (electronic digital files which cannot be “returned” as with a physical product), all sales are considered final and there will be no refunds.  So please review the website thoroughly before making your purchase decision.