Cumulative returns from 8/31/20 through 8/31/22: C Fund +16.41%; TSP Timing Annual System +10.07%; TSP Timing Election Cycle System -0.42%; 2022 YTD returns through 9/7/22: C fund -15.59%; TSP Timing Annual System -19.08%; TSP Timing Election Cycle System -30.24%


“Your product is great and your explanations are easy to follow.  Looks like I can update them myself for future transfers past 2022.” – R.B., Kailua, Hawaii

For only $119, you will receive the following items with your purchase:

TSP Timing Data – The current Excel workbook which provides the following tabs of information:

  • Returns Summary – This tab summarizes the annual returns of the TSP Timing strategies, as well as all comparison investing strategies such as buying and holding the C fund, or a balanced mix of funds.
  • Strategy Rules – A summary of the rules used for the Annual system and the Election Cycle system.  The rules are discussed in more detail in the Manual.
  • Future IFTs – These tabs list the interfund transfers (IFTs) you would make if you decide to follow one of the strategies with part or all of your portfolio.  The IFTs are provided for at least a year into the future beyond the date of your purchase.
  • IFTs Data tabs – These tabs provide a summary for each of the two systems of the total gain for each IFT since 2004, the average percent gain for each IFT (year year), and the percent of the past trades that produced a positive return.  A “Star Rating” system ranks each IFT from one to four stars as to how good of a trade it has been in the past.
  • Daily Data – This tab is the heart of the system.  It includes data for all of the funds going back for 30+ years, and going forward for at least 2 years.  The data is then used on other tabs to calculate monthly/annual returns.  Note: (As of 5/26/2022, when the TSP re-designed, the following automatic daily download feature is no longer possible, so I have disabled it.  I will reactivate if provides the data source page.)  The Excel workbook includes a feature (Microsoft Power Query) that automatically downloads daily TSP fund share prices and updates the year-to-date returns.  For this feature to work you must be using a 2016 or newer version of Excel, or if you have an older version you must install Microsoft Power Query.  Here’s specific information regarding software requirements:  
  • Per this link, this data import feature does now work on Macs if you have Excel for Mac, but it does not work with Apple’s “Numbers” spreadsheet application, or Google Docs.  It will open on an iPad, but not do the daily automatic update.  Since I send an updated file every month, it’s not critical that you need the daily updated share prices.  Lastly, the larger your monitor the better.  Some of the workbook tabs more than fill a 32″ monitor.  So this does not work well with a tablet and definitely not a cell phone! 
  • F, C, S and I History – These four tabs include the daily price changes for each fund for every day since January 1, 2004.  This data is summarized and used to fine-tune the IFT dates the two systems use.
  • Monthly Data – This tab takes the daily data and summarizes returns in a monthly format, and then has three tables with 10-year, 20-year, and 30+year returns for each fund as well as the percentage of the months over that period that the funds had a positive return.  This information is helpful to decide which fund to be in at any given time of the year.
  • Monthly Fund Summary – This tab provides the summary of the best funds to be in during each month of the year.
  • Notes – This tab includes many many tables and notes used to evaluated dozens of options that were researched to come up with the ideal system, as well as many links to external resources used.  This is for those interested in the details and background information on how the system was developed.

TSP Timing Manual – A pdf document containing a complete description and instructions for use of the TSP Timing Data spreadsheet.  This Manual includes an introduction, then sections that thoroughly describe all of the information on each spreadsheet tab described above.  I will also send updated manuals if there are significant changes.

Updates – I will send you monthly updates (and occasional interim updates if needed) for a period of 12 months after your purchase at no additional cost.  After that you may purchase another 12 months of updates for just $59.

“I am going to renew! Your service is A1 and I recommend to anyone with a TSP account to check out what you offer. Thanks again.”  – K.T., New York

Please note, before you make your purchase, please make sure you have the ability to open and work with a Microsoft Excel workbook (also note that the automatic download of share prices feature only works with fairly recent versions of Microsoft’s Excel other other programs that support downloading data). 

Due to the nature of this product there can be no refunds; see refund policy on the under the “About” menu.

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