2020 returns through 9/28/20: C Fund +5.12%; TSP Timing Annual System +55.87%; TSP Timing Election Cycle System +109.45%!


TSP Timing was introduced in July 2016.  I have not added the functionality to directly purchase and download the materials online via credit card or PayPal, however you can quickly obtain the TSP Timing materials by contacting me directly by email to indicate your interest to purchase the files.  I will then send you a PayPal payment request for the one-time purchase price of $99 (so please contact me using the email address you use with PayPal or tell me what that email address is).  If you do not have a PayPal account you can check out as a guest.

If you are interested in purchasing the TSP Timing files please email me at:


The price for the TSP Timing spreadsheet and Manual and 12 months of updates is just $99, and then just $39 for future 12-month periods of updates. 

PLEASE NOTE:  As of July 2020 the workbook is now automated in that it automatically downloads daily TSP fund share prices and updates the year-to-date returns.  As a result of this new feature you must be using a 2013 or newer version of Excel.  The workbook does also work on Macs that can open Excel workbook format files.  The workbook format is .xlsx. 

Upon receipt of your payment, I will immediately email you the files (the TSP Timing Data spreadsheet, and the TSP Timing Manual in pdf format).  Simple!

Thanks for your interest!